• Bud realizes he just got fooled by El Coyote and exclaims "What in Custer's beard!?", referring to the existence of General Custer and the fact that he had a beard.
  • Pepito sneaking up on Bud, while his hair resembled a shark fin, is a reference to the iconic scene from the famous film Jaws.
  • Carlos Sanchez announces the passing of Law 7010 and Bud exclaims "Sweet Nixon's nuts!", referring to the testicles of President Richard Nixon.
  • The joke about Rosa Parks moving to the back of her grave is a reference to how she was expected to move to the back of the bus, simply for being black.
  • Bud doesn't know the English translation of La Bamba, and apparently thinks "La" translates to "Planecrash". In actuality, "La" means "The" and "Bamba" is a made-up word, which is just the name of the dance that's intended to accompany the song.
  • Bud tells Becky, he's sick of her pointing out the plotholes in NCIS. Becky tells him that the real-life Navy doesn't actually investigate the kinds of crimes they do in the show. She's actually right about this, and most likely many more things, as that show relies a lot on suspension of disbelief in order for most of their storylines and premises to work.
  • When the aliens texted Bryce, their profile picture was shown to be one of the aliens from the 90's video game, Galaga.
  • Ernesto says "Bud's people" put a midget on Game of Thrones. This is a reference to the Caucasian character, Tyrion Lannister, who had actually been there since the first episode of the first season, so I have no idea why Ernesto implied he was "put" on the show.

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