Janice Buckwald
Bordertown HD CLEAR Character ART Janice Buckwald
Full name

Janice Buckwald

Primary Employment



Bud Buckwald (husband)
Sanford Buckwald (son)
Becky Buckwald (daughter)
Gert Buckwald (daughter)

Played by

Alex Borstein



Janice Buckwald is the wife of Bud Buckwald and the mother of Sanford, Becky, and Gert Buckwald. She is voiced by Alex Borstein.


Janice got married to Bud Buckwald and underwent his family name. She mothered tree children, Sanford, Becky, and Gert Buckwald. When she and Bud first married, they were very sexually active. Overtime, Bud grew weary of sex, but Janice was still as horny as always. After a while, Bud succumbed to an inverted penis disease, so he and Janice started sleeping in separate beds and they only have sex once a year (Groundhog Day). Given Bud's lack of sexual fulfillment, she has become a full-blown adulterer, having sex with many different strangers, when Bud's away at work, just so she can get a thrill every once in a while.


Janice is a middle aged woman with red hair in a bun. She wears a yellow button up shirt with no sleeves, a green skirt, white shoes, golden earrings and a golden necklace.


Janice is a gentle and caring person, who is usually the voice of reason to the family. She's generally submissive to Bud, but stands up to him when she has to be.


  • She's apparently had five kids. Her other two are The Son We Don't Talk About, a mutated version of Sanford, who they keep chained up, under the floorboards of their bathroom, (Borderwall) and Eddie Buckwald, a son, who's been kidnapped and is currently being held for ransom, (American Doll).
  • She can no longer have kids, after she jumped on a trampoline and did a backflip, which launched her uterus out of her body (Groundhog Day).
  • She is cheating on Bud (J.C. Strikes, Borderwall).
  • She has filicidal tendencies against Gert, feeling envy over her being the center of attention all the time (Heart Attack).
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