J.C. Strikes 1
J.C. starts working for Gonzalez Landscaping.

J.C. Strikes
J.C. Strikes is the sixth episode of Bordertown.

Season: 01 Episode: 6
Total Episode Count: 6
Prod. no.: 1AXH06
First Aired: TBA

Featuring: Bud Buckwald, Gert Buckwald, J.C. Gonzalez, Ernesto Gonzalez
Also Appearing: TBA
Musical Numbers: TBA

Plot: Frustrated that J.C. still hasn't gotten a job, Ernesto hires him as part of his landscaping crew. When the job turns out too difficult, J.C. unionizes Ernesto's workers and begins a strike. Meanwhile, an ostrich stalks Bud and becomes his spirit animal, which Gert doesn't like.

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