Becky Buckwald
Bordertown HD CLEAR Character ART Becky Buckwald
Becky Buckwald
Full name

Becky Buckwald

Last Reported Age


Primary Employment



Bud Buckwald (father)
Janice Buckwald (mother)
Sanford Buckwald (older brother)
Gert Buckwald (younger sister)
J.C. Gonzalez (fiance)

Played by

Alex Borstein



Becky Buckwald is the 18 year old daughter of Bud and Janice Buckwald. She is in love with Ernesto's nephew, J.C., much to Bud's dismay. She is voiced by Alex Borstein.


Becky Buckwald is the second-born child of Bud and Janice Buckwald, after Sanford Buckwald.

When she was younger, she was constantly bullied at school for her appearance. This really hurt her, but she found peace at the Mexifornia MegaChurch, which taught her that no matter how much abuse she gets from other people, God would always love her. This was enough to help her through these hard times. However, she seemed to have changed her faith with age, and eventually became the Atheist, she is today. (MegaChurch)

When she was a teenager, she got into politics and took up an extremely left-leaning idealism. She stood for feminism, LGBT rights, freedom from religion, political correctness, etc. She fell in love with and started dating J.C. Gonzalez, a boy who agreed with everything she stood for. After a few years, they got engaged, which was strongly disapproved of by her father. (The Engagement)

In her future, she plans on having a gender-reversed wedding with J.C. (Santa Ana Winds) However, if J.C. doesn't get a job and make something of his life, she'll dump him and find happiness with Olympic swimming champion, David Ortega, who at the time, will become two-term governor of Mexifornia, seen in a dream, from (J.C. Strikes) Also, if she'll age the same way she did in the dream, she'll go through a fruitful body transformation, somewhere along the way, blasting fat and adopting a significantly healthier lifestyle. Not only this, but she'll also put more care into her appearance, fixing her hair and putting on makeup. All in all, she'll finally meet society's beauty standards.


Becky has brown hair in a bob haircut. She wears a light blue halter top and blue capri pants.


Becky is a stereotypical SJW, who gets offended by everything she sees, and goes to great, even over the top lengths to promote her political beliefs. For example, she'd gladly ruin her child just to make a statement. She plans on getting pregnant with a child, she never plans on having, just so she can fight for the right to abort it and when she actually does have a child, she wants to raise it to be homosexual, whether he wanted to be that way or not. She cares deeply for her, fianceé, J.C. and She supports through thick and thin. She also makes it's clear that she wears the pants in their relationship, solely to reverse traditional gender roles.


  • She adopted an Indian daughter, but pays no attention to it. (MegaChurch)
  • She used to have a doll made out of tampons called Tampaxine. (American Doll)
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